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Shankaprakshalan - Master Cleansing Human Body Alimentary canal


The process  of cleansing  (sankha) from mouth to anus is sankhaprakhsalan. The whole process of master cleansing  do not involve any chemical/herbs. It only involves  Luke warm water and table salt.


initial you should you able to do  some repetitive movements for almost half an hour by drinking Luke warm water for every one round of physical movements.

On the first day morning start sarpasana series . The first posture is sarasana , second one is urdhvahasthasana , third one is kati chakra sana , fourth one is udaraakarshasa . These are all 4 movements to be done continuously.


sleep on your stomach on the floor.  place your hands near your shoulders. Breathe in lift your body  with the total weight  resting upon your leg toes and on the palms of hands.  breathe out turn your head towards right side and towards left side up to 12 counts by  lifting  your back (butt) up , bring your legs near hands, get up and stand straight.

Urthava hasthasana:

side bending pose

it is the second asana of the series first interlock the fingers of  both hands , lift hands above your head that the biceps of the hands touch the ears. Breathe in ,  breathe out then bend your body to left side and right side with your legs joined. repeat it  for 12 counts.


twisting pose at waist

see that there is gap between both legs equal to your shoulder length. keep your hands straightforward up to your shoulders. Now breathe in one breathe out  then twist your body towards right and  to left with hands at shoulder level. Take care that only upper body moves towards left and right. Continue up to 12 counts the same procedure.


Sit in position by maintain  the distance

twisting pose being sitting

between the legs. See that your back/ butt do not touch the ground, both palms of the hands resting on the knees.  Now place your right legs knee onto the ground , along with your toes and ankle on ground.

Repeat the four exercises by drinking Luke warm water mixed with salt continuously.

Take soft food for 3 days after shankaprakshalan process  hard and milk products should not be used.


free from all stomach disorders like constipation and others.

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