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Earth is choking to death

Global warming mean we are heating our earth. even in winter season the temperature are too high, early mornings and evenings too low. This is due to increase of green house gases on globe all over earth.

As per the scientific theories or data, the environmental disturbances are human induced and off course they are right. The scientists have brought industrialization and many advance technologies. When we come for transport before we used to have less pollution and less vehicles. But now due to advancement we have got many varieties of vehicles which cause more damage . All of them use fossil fuel. As we look only for our comforts and luxury not any thing else. so first the behavioral attitude should be changed then only we can cope up with the “Climate Change or Global Warming”.

All scientists,environmentalist,Eco-conservators and individuals who love nature. Are stating that we regular individuals are halting the earth to breath. IS IT So? Are we truly doing that ! on the off chance that we do that then why are we not biting the dust. why are we doing it to our mother earth and how are we ceasing its breath.

Presently a-days individuals are quite worried about our mom earth or globe or environment. Indeed, even the administration authorities, Non government organizations,Eco-club individuals and numerous different gatherings have come up to serve the globe or nature or environment. By numerous projects, rallies,activities and every one of them do in an alternate way like some run cycle arouses with the pennants and post cards around the lakes or town or some essential open spots and different runs with youngsters or youth at universities or workplaces or organizations .so we ought to be glad that we are attempting help our worldwide surroundings which we have ruined and made it most exceedingly bad.

We had the efficiency and the renewable sources before also but we are thinking of it now because we are facing the problem or may face the problem. So we have to wait until the situation worsens and then start thinking of it or take the measures to solve it.

If we have alternative methods other then fossil fuels (which is increasing co2 levels in atmosphere), why are we not using them.

The regular words which we listen at the above spots where the projects are held for are environmental change ,there is a boost in temperature ,ozone depletion,ice melting,sea level or sea rising,acid rains. A wide range of contamination. So we have made our earth as a dust container which can not be reused . Presently we strive to make our earth green where we can live joyfully.

For that we need to take after these:

we should quit driving or go in vehicles keep running by fossil energizes.

we should quit utilizing every single electrical machine which expend more power.

we ought to lessen cutting trees or annihilating woods.

we should quit working in commercial enterprises which are making damage environment.

we should quit burrowing earth for coal and different purposes.

On the off chance that we can stop the over every one of our errors .we get our mom earth or else it will burn,drown and make you cry .

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