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A Teacher, lecturer in biochemistry, Counselling psychotherapist, mind yoga, blogger, Socially responsible person, an enthusiast in parapsychology.

Life in a different view - An individual with a passion towards life with a mission


Mind cafe is a holistic wellness setup for improving physical, mental health and other stress related issues such as depression, anxiety, hype their confidence levels.

Wellness is not a single entity it is both physical and mental health

It’s how we feel, ow well we cope up with our daily lifestyle and what we feel at that situation

Mental Health

Know that you don’t have to do it alone! We are there with you to run the path of specific trauma of fight or flight.

Until you start feel like you’re the old self again.

Get in touch – to fight back to view life in different.

The relationships we have daily that is long term with friends and family and temporary at our workplace effects the way of our work style with deviation in our mind. It causes trauma.

Then mind starts boggling, which creates a big gap between you and the people you talk. Due to lack of communication because you can’t pour out words in that emotional state appropriately. So we walk a different path living the society and life.

So if you are feeling a lot troublesome with conflicting emotions, have your cup of tea at the center of table. Its peace of mind or your in right path. Trauma is not a scribbled mind with sudden accident and surviving disaster. It slowly buildup upon over of a time to have a roller coast ride.

The trickiest thing about mental wellness is it change over your inner programming without your knowledge.

Now a day’s mental health issues are the rise by which we lose confidence, self-esteem and do not appreciate people.

When we are healthy mentally, we form positive relationships and deal with life challenges. We also cope with normal stress of life which increases work productivity. we will be able to contribute. It also helps to maintain harmonious relationships even with others also like ethics, morals, values.

The importance of mental health is to learn how to balance emotions, thoughts to lead a healthy normal life. So, there is a connection between Mind & body.

Physical Health

It is the ways of understanding the secretive ways to promote good health.

People stay with the thing which are easy, not tiresome and they feel to do

The main aim is to help the readers to find the best health options which are realistic and sustainable.

Supportive Services

We make you dive into the information of various problems and topics related to Non-Government Organizations of their nature of work which are unaware of it in your own surroundings.

Altruism is a different world where you feel your own presence with a deep feel in the heart that you are working with the communities for helping the common man and other status of people. We provide you with the required information of moving pictures of works of NGOS.

We think different and taste different like us you will be given the taste of your binge nature of work which relates to our daily issues like education, vocational, Special learning disorders, learning disorders, Intellectual disabilities and various other related problems prevailing in the society.


The restorative power of yoga was used many times in my life in many different situation’s. to overcome the extreme stress from work or emotional outburst or counsellor’s outburst. To take upon the charge of body, mind and then spirit. of physical, mental and spiritual healings. Yoga will bring you a better health and a peaceful soul with a balanced life on this earth.
To cope with issues arising from different situations which may impact us.

Creative bend (lateral thinking)

We hear to solve our day today life problems using direct or indirect and mixture of other things to attain the success to overcome the problem. It involves various ideas or our imagination towards a problem. it’s a key to find a new better way to come over the issues in a fresh manner.

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